How long will they last?

The durability of PoochieBoots varies, depending on the dog and the type of use. Boots will wear very well when worn in snow and on shorter city walks. Daily walks on dry abrasive surfaces will wear the soles out quickly, especially with heavier dogs.  This is a very comfortable lightweight boot, not a rugged boot.

Can I put them in the washing machine?

Yes.  Remove the straps and place protective velcro (found in pouch pocket) over boot velcro to prevent cuffs from getting snagged.  No bleach.  No fabric softener. Air dry

Can they be worn indoors?

Absolutely. They will provide great traction on slippery floors.  Many therapy dogs wear them at "work".

How long will it take for my dog to adjust?

Most dogs adjust very quickly and soon don't even realize that they're wearing them. At the beginning, positive reinforcement and treats are encouraged.

Can they be used in warmer weather on hot pavements? 

Dogs cool themselves by perspiring through their pads so they should only be worn for very short periods of time.