Our Story

Meet Riley, aka Poochie, my best friend and the inspiration behind PoochieBoots.


The idea began during one of New York City’s harshest, snowiest months – Feb. 2015. On a snowy walk to Central Park, Riley stopped in his tracks and was pitifully holding up his paws and wouldn't budge, clearly he was hurting from the salted sidewalk. I gently coaxed him to turn around and sadly he limped home.  The next day while playing in fresh snow, he began limping again. This time the snow was accumulating on his fur and turning into ice balls that were getting stuck between his paw pads.  This is when I realized that Riley needs boots! So I set out to find dog boots to keep his paws protected. After trying several brands, I became frustrated that I couldn't find anything that was well made, easy to walk in and would stay on!  With a city full of dogs, I assumed I was not alone.  So I set out to solve a problem, and PoochieBoots was born. We launched the winter of 2015/2016.

My interior design background and my own personal love of shoes gave me the idea for the stylish red soles and the detachable, interchangeable velcro straps. One set of boots and endless fashion options! With a change of straps, the pooches can even match their humans. 

Hope you and your pups enjoy!