"I have to say, these boots are amazing! It's the first time we've put them to proper use since we got them. I've been out for over an hour walking in all kinds of snow and not once did the fall off! Thank you, PoochieBoots!

 @chesterthegoldendoodle Greenwich, Ct. 


"WE LOVE POOCHIEBOOTS!!  Thanks for making the size 0! These are the only boots Tinkerbelle will wear and they stay on her tiny feet."

Sam and @Tinkerbellethedog - NY



 Thank you SO much for designing a boot that I can walk AND run in AND doesn't fall off! I can finally enjoy being out in the snow for more than 15 minutes!!!" 

Joyce and @Toby_LittleDude 



 "We love them! Lombard went hiking, romped in a field, and went sledding! No more painful ice balls! They're so lightweight, he doesn't even notice they're on. And they stay on so nicely, they haven't come off yet! Thanks again, we love them!"

Hana and @mycaninelife - Washington


Boots are so comfy and easy to wear in Canada snow.

Jenn and @Remixthedog - Canada


"We fell in love with these very unique protective dog boots when looking for something to protect our dog’s precious paws all winter long. It took about 5 minutes for my dog to get used to wearing them."

Carol Bryant - Fidose of Reality Blog


"Had the balloons, they're fine for rain but not cutting it on ice and snow. These are easier to put on, plus the velcro strap is adjustable so they don't slip off and they keep my feet warmer than previous boots."

Mia, Colorado


"We've been searching for new booties for Chango since he need them when it snows otherwise his paws cramp up and of course, walking over salted sidewalks is very uncomfortable for him. So happy we found Poochieboots."

Evelyn, Chicago


"Thank you so much Poochieboots!  The boots fit great and are perfect for Ginny's sensitive paws. If you live in an area with very hot or cold weather, I highly recommend a set of Poochieboots to keep your dog's paws safe."

Chelsea, England


"The best protection for you dog's paws and pads are booties and we found the perfect set at Poochieboots.  The fit on Maska is perfect and his paws will now be protected from salt and ice balls."

Nancy and @Maskathehusky, Canada